Saccharum ravennae /L./ Murray

It's stems are about three meters tall and comparatively easy to be differentiated from the other plans. If you notice single plants and small groups of it throughout the resort, this is due to the fact that this is one of its best localities in Bulgaria.

Lactuca Tatarica /L./ C.A.Mey

Perennial herbaceous plant. In the Sunny Beach resort the species is represented by single plants, spread mainly in the region between the dunes and shore.


Pancratium Maritimum L.

Doubtlessly the most beautiful plant on the seashore! You can find the attractive collection near to the hotel "Sredetz".

Verbascum Purpureum /Janka/ Hub.-Mor.

A tall, biennial plant. Endemic for the Balkan region. Blackstonia Perfoliata Huds. A small annual plant. Prefers the lower, wetter parts of the dunes.

Corispermum Nitidum Kit.

The rather unimpressive appearance of this annual plant does not impair its status of a defended species. It is included in the European list of rare, threatened and endemic plants. It forms a numerous population in the sands of Sunny Beach.

Lepidotrichum Uechtritzianum /Borum./ Vel.

This perennial herbaceous plant, reaching a height of up to 1 meter has not an attractive appearance, but appears nevertheless in the European list of rare, endemic plants.


Euphorbia Paralias L.

Perennial herbaceous plant. To be met in Bulgaria only along the Black Sea coast. You can find it in the southern part of the dunes.


Hypecoum Ponticum Vel.

A small annual plant, endemic for the Balkan peninsula, included in the European list of rare, threatened and endemic plants. Single plants are to be found in the Sunny Beach resort, mainly in the region between the dunes and the seashore.

Eryngium Maritimum L.

A perennial herbaceous plant with grey-green, prickly leaves. In them resort it is to be found in the part of the dunes, which is closer to the sea.

Stachys Maritima Gouan.

A perennial plant with a long rootstock. Within the limits of the resort only single species are to be found.

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