Paradise for Children

Both man and nature are generous to children here: mild climate, clean air, warm, calm and shallow sea, shaded walks.

Parents can enjoy a carefree holiday for several reasons:

  • children's menus
  • 24-hour kindergartens with a highly trained staff
  • plenty of time for yourself without having to worry about your toddlers.

Children can delight in:

  • plenty of laughter and ice-cream on children's holidays
  • fun games and competitions with prizes
  • excitement galore with slides and children's pools, merry-go-rounds and carting
  • building sand castles on the beach or splashing around in the shallow sea
  • jumping on inflatable castles and zooming down the Rolba slide
  • dancing in kids' discos and drawing pictures on asphalt
  • mastering new sport skills under the guidance of experienced instructors
  • playing exciting electronic games
  • one special surprise: pony riding
  • a day out visiting Robinson and His Man Friday - the heroes of your favourite novel. Forty-minute cruise by boat to the deserted bay beach of Robinson Crusoe and his Man Friday. The two castaways are there to meet the visitors. Games on the beach and in the water throughout the day, show for children and adults. Breakfast and fish lunch. (By bus if sea is rough.)

You'll quickly find out for yourself - the days are much too short for so many tempting games and amusements.

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