A World of Delicious Dining Choices

By force of habit man links holidays and high spirits with good food as well. You will find that eating here is indeed a pleasure. Besides, apart from the taste of Bulgaria, you can also take back with you the recipes of traditional Bulgarian dishes, prepared from ecologically pure products. Shopska salad, kebapcheta, kavarma! Sparkling white and red wine! The famous Bulgarian yoghurt!

More than 150 restaurants, folkstyle and other establishments with floor shows and excellent food snack bars and cafeterias.

A few samples:

Wines and Fruits Buchvata ( The caks)

The best of Bulgarian cuisine washed down by superb Bulgarian wines.

Chouchoura (The Spout)

rich range of local specialties, vintage wine and brandy.

Cherven luv ( Red Lion)

Original lager and stout, plus the right food that goes with them, in a real English pub.

Vyaturna melnitsa (Windmill)

Original design and atmosphere, national cuisine. Don't miss the shashlik, grilled on a fire at your side.

Strandjanskite colibi (Mt. Strandjia Hut)

Period huts from the most exotic and least civilized part of the country, typical local cuisine.

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