Living Bulgarian Tradition

You'll find it anywhere: in the Bulgarian hospitality, in the characteristic ambience of folk-style spots, in the singular melodiousness of Bulgarian songs, the fiery rhythm of folk dances, the colorful national costumes, the mouth-watering national cuisine. If Bulgarian lifestyle and costumes are of interest to you, you should go right to the source.

Bulgarian Village

Half-day trip inland. Ride through several scenic villages, tour an orchard or vineyard. Visit a Bulgarian house. Short talk on the lifestyle and tradition of Bulgarian peasants. Visit the village church. Dinner with folk show, ride in a donkey-drawn cart.

Traditional MealBulgarian Cuisine

Visit to a folkstyle restaurant. Guests welcomed with bread, salt and folk music. Guide introduces the chef, who tells the visitors about tradidional Bulgarian food, how it is prepared and served and the traditional drinks that go with it. Patrons may try anything they like on a smorgasbord and ask the chef for recipe. Rich folk show.


Folkstyle Picnic Restaurant, on a scenic spot about 12 km north of Sunny Beach. Visitors welcomed with bread, salt and wine. Full-course dinner: traditional food and drinks from Bulgaria. Folk show and fire dancing.

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